Concepts and definitions,

however, are not only determine

Concepts and definitions,

however, are not only determined by their early users; their final form is honed in response to criticism and misinterpretations by others. These critiques, misinterpretations, and the resulting polemics can be selleck compound found in the literature (Khoury et al. 2000; Ten Kate 2000, 2005, 2008; Brand 2005; Mackenbach 2005; Stewart et al. 2007; Knoppers and Brand 2009). So it is appropriate that our present definition should be adapted to reflect the current state of affairs. What other requirements should be met to arrive at a first-rate definition of a medical field? First, the definition should be broad enough to include all the activities and areas of interest of those who regard themselves as workers in that particular field. Secondly, the definition should be sufficiently restrictive to differentiate the field from adjacent topic areas. Table 1 gives an inventory of activities and areas of interest within the field of community genetics. Table 2 shows a list of adjacent fields that should be differentiated from community genetics. Table 1 Activities and areas of interest within the field of community genetics Genetic screening Genetic literacy/education Access and quality of genetic services Genetics in primary care Genetics in middle and low income countries Genetics in disadvantaged

subpopulations Registries of congenital and genetic disorders Genetics in preconception care Public consultation about genetic issues Epidemiologic issues Economic issues Psychosocial issues Ethical and legal issues Policy issues Table 2 Adjacent fields that should be differentiated GSK1904529A mouse from community genetics

Clinical genetics Population genetics or genomics Genetic epidemiology Public health genetics or genomics Definition Community genetics is the art and science of the responsible and realistic application of health and disease-related genetics and genomics knowledge and technologies in human populations and communities to the benefit of individuals therein. Community genetics is multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary and aims to maximize benefits while minimizing the risk of harm, respecting the autonomy of individuals and ensuring equity. Discussion Where the definition starts with “Community Genetics” one also can read “Community Genomics”. Urease We choose the single term community genetics for the sake of simplicity; and since there are more possibilities for the implementation of genetics than genomics in the community at present (FK228 Janssens and Van Duijn 2008). Moreover, it is felt that genomics is not an alternative to genetics but rather a specialist sub-branch. The definition includes both application (the art) and research (science) in developing new applications or assessing the effects of existing applications. Applications should be responsible, requiring ethical, legal, and societal justification; and they should be realistic, setting them apart from hype and exaggerated expectations.

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